Free Website Tools for Small Business Owners

Timber_1170Out Of The Dark Marketing & Design is a small business. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to talk to our customers. Our aim is to keep costs low and to embrace new (and often free) technologies. Some of our favourite free website tools to do this are:

Mailchimp –

This is an email marketing platform to store all  your customers email addresses.  There are customisable email templates with drag and drop functionality. Once you email them you can begin to understand their behaviour and interactions. That means what they engage with on your email communication and your website. You can join for free and start emailing your clients immediately!

Headline Analyzer –

Blogging is an incredible way to reach your customers and attract a new clientele.  Having the right headline can be the trickiest part. It’s the first and sometimes only opportunity you have to attract the reader. Headline Analyzer will give you an Emotion Marketing Value (EMV). This can help you to understand how people will respond to your headline. It won’t give you a headline but will guide you on how effective your potential one could be.

Pic Monkey –

Marketing for small business should not be complicated but it should always look professional. Pic Monkey is a photo editing website that gives you some great tools to edit photos, create artwork and execute basic graphic design. So get creative and show us your style!

Click here for list of over 300 free things to help your business online